Sustainable leather processing. An identity choice.

A circular economy DNA

All raw hides are by-products of the meat industry. These are given a new life by being processed using low-impact tanning processes, which turn them into a strong and ductile material suitable for a variety of industrial uses.

The sectors we serve

Marchetto Pellami primarily serves footwear, leather goods, upholstery, automotive & aviation industries.

Tailor-made, color proofs and special samples are services that are always guaranteed to best match the needs of customers and partners. Characteristic of the leathers supplied by Marchetto Pellami is the excellent cut yield, given by an exclusive drying technology that allows to obtain “firm” leathers, with homogeneous and uniform thickness in all their parts. This allows the optimization of every centimeter of material, minimizing waste.

Furniture & Upholstery


Leather goods

Leather goods


Transport & Aviation

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Marchetto Pellami was born in 1988 in the Veneto Leather District,

Italy, the most important in the world for production value. The company supplies tanned leathers to furniture, footwear and leather goods, automotive, aviation and transport operators.

Marchetto Pellami is the expression of a true family vocation,

invested in the processing and trading of leather, tanned with sustainable techniques. Get to know our company.

Innovation for highly sustainable tanning.

Marchetto Pellami benefits strategically from being located in the heart of the most technologically advanced leather processing area in the world, where the sharing of knowledge has always led to quick and constant innovation that the firm wants to use for sustainability.

The people.

From continuous development programmes to corporate welfare tools, these are just a few examples of what Marchetto Pellami promotes to ensure the well-being of its employees.

A green profile was born in the leather icon

The corporation adopted the pay-off green profile, which reaffirms a radical, profound identity choice, one of respect for the environment, as a result of the certifications attained, the dedication, and the ongoing advances in sustainability. Read our news

What does quality mean for us?

Our company upholds the quality standards demonstrated by our certifications and emphasises the elements we believe are essential to providing top-notch service.