Staff Marchetto Pellami all'aperto

Environmental, economic and social sustainability

Economic activity must be sustainable not only from the point of view of figures and a fair profit, but also in relation to its impact on the community and natural resources.

Marchetto Pellami has always put people and the community at the centre of every decision, anticipating innovative corporate welfare systems and believing in an active social role. The company also supports countless charitable causes in the area, from the devolution of funds destined for the needs of medical facilities, to the support of voluntary associations, up to particular attention to sports for young people, which are considered decisive for the harmonious and balanced growth of youngsters.

The company and its employees have always believed in the importance of preserving the natural environment to guarantee a future for themselves and their families. For this reason, investments in innovative and low-impact green technologies are continuous, and respect for the environment is a daily choice widely shared by all internal teams.