GDPR Brief information email

Notice pursuant to Reg. EU 2016/679, hereinafter the ‘GDPR’.

This message has a non-personal nature and any response by you may be made known to the organization to which the sender belongs.

The information contained in this e-mail message and/or in the file(s) attached should be deemed strictly confidential. Its use is permitted exclusively by the recipient of the message, for the purposes indicated in the message. It is a violation of the principles laid down by Reg. EU 2016/679, hereinafter the ‘GDPR’: to withhold the message itself beyond the time required, to disclose it even in part, to distribute it to other parties, or to copy or use it for various purposes. We remind you that you may at any time request the suspension of the use made by us of your data, excluding communications made in the execution of legal obligations. If you have received this email in error without being its recipient, please notify us by e-mail via the address and then delete it from your system. A full copy of the informative notice may be requested via the e-mail address

Thank you.