The leather selection from the origins: a strategic stage.

The raw material purchase stage in Marchetto Pellami is followed by the owner, Danilo Marchetto, who is personally responsible for the contacts with the suppliers and the search of quality materials whose origins he carefully evaluates to make sure that the goods are selected from trusted people prior to purchase. Our suppliers must comply with our guidelines regarding environment, hygiene inspections, the health of people and the protection of their dignity, so as to ensure, from the early stages of our production cycle, ethics, and environmental sustainability.

We mainly buy wet blue leather but more and more often, in order to follow directly the tanning phase to adapt it to our production needs, we buy raw material.
When the goods arrive in our warehouse in Arzignano, they are immediately recorded in our computing devices and identified by an accompanying card that will follow every step of the production process, until the sale to end customers. This guarantees absolute precision and traceability from supplier to customer, and vice versa.