The Tobia Scarpa Bastiano sofa and aniline leather

The famous Italian architect and designer Tobia Scarpa, explained that the use of leather to cover his Bastiano couch, had been a clear desire to “humanize” the materials used for sofa production, back in the sixties, when nobody considered using leather. At least not in Europe. “(Whereas) in USA, a country richer than ours, leather was used extensively, probably because it lasted more than other material” as reported in the interview published in the collection “Saper credere in architettura”, by Antonello Marotta.

People who are familiar with 20th century design, are aware of the value of this piece of furniture, not only in terms of economics but also as an intrinsically stylish icon. When Tobia Scarpa created it, he aspired to achieve a mix of uses, namely a sofa and a bed for both young people and the elderly. The sofa had to be practical with universal dimensions and be acceptable to everyone and not made of elaborate fabric or need upholsterers and carpenters for construction. It needed to last forever.

Moreover, for Anna, the Bastiano sofa has great emotional significance because it has been tied to her family’s story for years. After over 50 years, Anna asked Marchetto Pellami to give the sofa a makeover “We chose the aniline leather together – explained Agata Marchetto, sales manager at Marchetto Pellami – that in my opinion is the most valuable component, able to assure a very high level of comfort and elegance and it contributes to create a new charm for this object which is so full of history”. Today, with new leather and the same rosewood, the Bastiano sofa is as beautiful as it was when it was first made. It is a memory of a bygone era and an icon of an enduring style.

Bastiano sofa