With metal-free leather, the environmental footprint of leather furniture manufacturers improves

Many advantages in terms of eco-sustainability for both producers and consumers.

Chrome & metal-free tanned leather is an excellent choice for leather furniture manufacturers aiming to achieve significant sustainability goals. It is a choice that minimizes environmental risk: pieces of furniture made with metal-free leather have extremely limited or absent metallic residues, simplifying the disposal process and reducing the impact.

For sofa and upholstery manufacturers, opting for chrome and metal-free leather also represents an undeniable marketing advantage as it is an increasingly popular option among consumers. Moreover, metal-free leather tanning technologies have long evolved, resulting in productions that are resistant, durable, equivalent to traditionally tanned leather, and require no extra care or maintenance.

In our production facility, we have dedicated lines for metal-free leather where we also use special slow-drying machinery at a controlled and constant temperature (see images of our custom drying plant in our industrial premise in Vestenanova), allowing us to maintain the softness equivalent to traditional tanning. In fact, one of the initial technical challenges faced was the tendency of these leathers to harden in the case of high thermal shock during the drying phase, a problem that no longer exists thanks to technological evolution.

We offer a wide range of chrome and metal-free items. In conclusion, metal-free leather for furniture provides numerous benefits for both manufacturers and consumers, especially in terms of eco-sustainability.