Pink leathers for footware and leather goods by Marchetto Pellami

With the release of the latest Barbie movie, pink reigns supreme

Are you looking for the right Barbie pink hides?

It’s being discussed at every corner of the planet, perhaps as a collective search for lightness and a return to childhood. Regardless of its cinematic judgment, Barbie’s new movie certainly leaves its mark on fashion trends.

That’s why at Marchetto Pellami, we’ve studied the shade 1047 Fenicottero (Flamingo), the quintessential Barbie pink, for one of our articles in the Vela Collection. These hides are soft and silky to the touch, with a consistent thickness that ensures the best results for leather goods and footwear applications. Other color variations accompany it, such as 1045 Rosa Quarzo (Rose Quartz), 1043 Fucsia (Fuchsia), and 1044 Bouganville (Bougainvillea), because there’s an entire palette of pinks that the world’s most famous doll has always been surrounded by.

For some of these articles, we offer the new NOW service, which allows for immediate delivery of ready hides from our warehouse. Contact us if you’re looking for quality tanned leathers to create bags, shoes, and accessories in the iconic Barbie pink. We’ll ship them to you in record time.

( …and yes, we are #Barbiefanatics too!)