Marchetto Pellami presents new chrome- and metal-free leathers at Interzum 2023

The metal-free family has been expanded for furniture operators with a certified sustainability supply chain.

Marchetto Pellami presents at Interzum new chrome- and metal-free tanned leathers. These are items designed and manufactured for use in the furniture sector and to best meet the needs of producers of leather sofas, chairs, and upholstered furniture in general.

Marchetto Pellami offers leathers with different finishes, thicknesses, and colours, but with the common denominator of having been made with sustainable processes and without the use of chromium and other metals, maintaining comfort, ductility, and quality performance comparable to those tanned in a traditional process. Indeed, Marchetto Pellami has developed an environmentally friendly, metal-free tanning process, reducing waste and by-products to a minimum while conserving water resources.

Among the articles that will be presented, the Fogia FOC stands out as one of the best sellers in traditional tanning, which Marchetto Pellami now offers in a chrome-free and metal-free tanned version as well. The vintage effect of this leather is particularly pleasing, achieved through a light, artisanal abrasion and the various color variations that include the classic “ranch” brown and dark grey, now accompanied by vibrant fuchsia, orange, and green to enliven contemporary, bright, and creative furnishings.

Also featured is the Challenger FOC, velvety European aniline-dyed bovine leathers, where Marchetto Pellami has won a true technical challenge in creating, for more than 30 shades, a through-dyeing that ensures impeccable color even in visible edges. Even the classic Pegaso is presented in FOC – Free of Chrome and with through-dyeing. Thanks to the “protective coat” finish, Pegaso leathers are highly durable and extremely easy to clean. Its uniform grain ensures excellent cutting performance.

Marchetto Pellami is certified in accordance with the UNI EN ISO 9001: 2005 (IAF 05) standard for the Quality Management System and with the UNI EN ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Quality System.