A selection of leathers for Nordic furniture by Marchetto Pellami

The Comfort Selection will be premiered at Interzum 2023.

For the first time at Interzum 2023 and for hotel’s furniture and furnishing operators, Marchetto Pellami presents a new family of leathers tanned in the traditional way. This is done through procedures and technologies that pay attention to the intelligent use of resources. These are leathers designed to meet the new Nordic furnishing trends, where the interest in vintage-effect leathers is renewed on some items.

For example, the Country article is a printed nubuck leather that highlights the grain pattern through careful manual surface abrasion. The Fogia, a best-seller in the classic “ranch brown” colour, is hand-sanded to create unexpected light-dark effects.

The anilines have also been revived, soft and velvety to the touch.

For an exciting softness, Palazzo is a full-grain velvety leather with a natural grain and a pass-through dye, finished with a veil of aniline. Anilina Naturale, on the other hand, has a more contained thickness to obtain a less pronounced grain pattern, where suggestive asymmetries and slight color variations enhance the authenticity and naturalness of the pure aniline leather.

For a double-tone color effect that creates movement, there is Alternative, a semi-aniline vacuum-treated leather with a uniform grain that ensures high cutting efficiency and exceptional softness, while maintaining its structure.

Among the semi-anilines, California is certainly worth mentioning, with a smooth and silky appearance and an intriguing double-tone effect obtained with a special wax treatment, and Horse, where a light sanding finishing, satisfies those seeking a smooth and at the same time opaque and “matte” effect.

Marchetto Pellami is certified in accordance with the UNI EN ISO 9001: 2005 (IAF 05) standard for the Quality Management System and with the UNI EN ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Quality System.