Marchetto Pellami Green Profile

The new Marchetto Pellami logo. What can you recognize in it?

A winding road, a profile, the leather icon. Maybe all this?

Yes, you see well. We wanted something that represented our work and our values and here they are, evoked in a graphic that tells who we are and where we want to go. The road is the one towards sustainability on which we have been working diligently for years, which requires commitment and which we feel is the correct one to take. Ideally, it represents the way that leads us to our factory in Vestenanova in the Veronese Hills. A protected natural area, where industrial activity and the natural environment coexist as a confirmation of that technological evolution allows industrial settlements in contexts that were unthinkable until a few years ago.

But it is also a profile. Of a man? Of a woman? It is not known. It is green, a colour that invites balance and celebrates the life that is perpetuated. It is an anthropomorphic being, defined by the pay-off “green profile”, which reaffirms an identitarian, radical and profound choice of respect for nature.

Then, there is the leather icon, so that there are no doubts about what we do. We do a job that has the circular economy in its DNA. Without us and other tanning operators, the hides, as by-products of the meat industry, would have ended up in enormous landfills. In ancient times, primitive man hunted to eat and reused everything he got from the animal in a thousand ingenious ways. This skill made him survive. A skill that has been perfected with technique and knowledge and now it allows us to make these comfortable leathers, stable and resistant over time. Beautiful, so much so that they sometimes become exclusive and precious artefacts. With our leathers, our clients make car and train interiors, leather goods and shoes, sometimes “cult” clothing and comfortable, long-lasting and precious furnishings.

The new brand is a graphic sign that reveals the complexity of meanings and reaffirms our values, trajectories and directions in a mix where sustainability is the common denominator.